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Hardness Factor: Achieve Sexual Fitness at Any Age -  Harper Collins

Hardness Factor: Achieve Sexual Fitness at Any Age

Harper Collins

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Hard is good, harder is better... for your health, your libido, your life. Such is the provocative premise behind Dr. Steven Lamm's The Hardness Factor, a groundbreaking book that will change the way men live and love. The Hardness Factor measures male health through the quality of an erection - perhaps the greatest male motivator for better living (more so than fear of cancer, heart attack, or stroke). The Hardness Factor asks, Can men be hard and in shape for sex their entire lives? The answer is, absolutely. Here for the first time are scientific, evidence bases regimens - emphasizing nutrition, supplements, and exercise - to increase the erectile quality. Dr. Steven Lamm's Ten Promises

  1. You will improve your hardness in as little as four days.
  2. You will achieve optimal hardness within six weeks.
  3. You will maintain peak sexual performance indefinitely.
  4. You will enjoy better orgasms
  5. You will be in the best shape of your life.
  6. You will look and feel years younger.
  7. You will jump-start your libido.
  8. You will protect the body's other vital organs - the heart and the brain.
  9. You will enhance you partner's sexual involvement and satisfaction.
  10. You will be healthier and, with any luck, live longer.
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