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Quite simply, they are beautiful products, with sleek stylish designs, that ensure every owner of a LELO personal intimacy device, will fall in the love with them. The also have a range of sensual massage oils and body products, plus a range of male products including the very popular billy prostate massager and vibrator.

So good, they even product a gold vibrator. They say it best themselves:

We are a brand of many subtle shades, and what we actually do goes far beyond what we physically create. LELO is driven by an insatiable curiosity, a desire to explore and refine the space where digital technology and human sensation intersect. That’s what makes us unique, different, and uniquely different.


About LELO - The Ultimate Sex Toy Brand

    If you had done any research in your quest to find the ultimate sex toys, you certainly should of come across the name "LELO"!

    The Swedish sex toy powerhouse was started in 2003, and from small beginnings, has grown from the front room of a Stockholm townhouse, into arguable the most stylish brand reputed brand in the industry.


    The mission of the brand is simple: 

    "What if our most intimate items were made as beautiful as the ones we displayed with the most pride?"


    They've certainly achieved this, and now have the most luxurious and most iconic products on the market today, and are sold across the planet. Believe it or not, the inspiration came from one, unique and unassuming stone.

    You can still see the inspired lines and curves in many of their products today. The brand now is moving into the stage where they have pedigree and longevity, and continue to produce awe inspiring products.


    What LELO has done incredibly well, is remain unique, but incredibly desirable, in a market that is flooded by cheaper, mass produced products. They are ahead of the curve in design, and desirability, and state that:

    "like no other brand, can offer our customers new sensations before they even know they want them."

    It's been noted that the design of many of their products would take pride of place in any jewelry shop window, such is the elegance and quality their products exude. this is also why you will notice designs that you have never seen in the market ever before and may wonder how the sensuality can transgress to me?

    Global Reach

    That small beginning in the small Stockholm townhouse has now evolved into a global powerhouse, with offices around the world, from Shanghai to San Jose.

    Your Desire

    While the LELO has worked hard on becoming a global leader, they haven't forgotten, that in the end, it's all about you! They understand they hold one of the keys to a richer life. Their state of the art research and testing ensures that every product will take you to a place you may never have been before.


    All products come with a 1 year warranty, that can be claimed via a proof of purchase receipt from any authorized retailer. They also offer a 10 year quality guarantee, whihc include a 50% discount for any personal massager product that fall outside of the 1 year warranty period.

    The LELO Range

    The range of products created by the brand is exceptional. Following are information on each of them.

    Insignia & Luxe

    If you have a bit of extra cash to splash, and don't mind investing a little more in your please, the Insignia & Luxe ranges are where you need to start. From gold and silver plated toys, you simply don't get any more luxurious than this! Popular products include the LELO Ora, Soroya, Ida, Alia, Lyla, Hugo, Isla, Earl, Bruno, and Yva.

    Femme & Homme

    This range has an exceptional reputation for pleasure and satisfaction. Designed with powerful vibrations and intuitive controls, these iconic toys with iconic designs are matched by their bright colours. Products include the Mona, Elise, Gigi, Wave, Tor, Iris, & Billy.

    Pico Bong

    The Pico Bong range by the Swedish giant is meant to please the first time vibe owner, and the perfect range of vibrators for someone just starting out. Designed in fun colours and gorgeous designs, they are fun, stylish, pleasurable, and carry the famous quality of all the LELO products.


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