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We-Vibe is an inspiration from Canada.  A new thought process in the application of sex toys and their connection with couples.  Designed to be worn as a couple, both enjoying the sensations of the toy, the result was the patented, silicone-encased, worn while making love We-Vibe.

We-Vibe have expanded their collection with a range of products that will enhance and excite you.

Combine with the We-Vibe app and you will be able to integrate control remotely through selected We-vibe products.

Using the latest technology, we love the quality, the range and the innovation....

*** We Vibe toys ships to USA only

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History of We Vibe

Quality Products



Sensations in Sync

Sensations Unite 

The Solo Range


The History Of We-Vibe

We-Vibe is Canadian company that has generated a lot of interest and fame since it was established, claiming to be one of fastest growing sex to brands thanks to the original We Vice vibrator.  It has sold over 2 million devices world wide, since inventor Bruce Murison wondered why no one had invented a massager that could be used between couples during intimacy.

Ergonomic design and state of the art technology has ensured it has pleasured millions, and is eco friendly and safe to use. The result is a sensual vibrator that is a highly effective, silicone-encased device, that has two vibrating ends and is perfectly proportioned, leaving room for him to enter without discomfort and share the pleasure.

Emphasis On Quality

 With an emphasis in innovation and quality, the company is continually improving the technology and design, and releasing new products under the brand that proudly wear the We-Vibe badge. This includes working closely with sexual experts from around the world. To date, the products are sold in over 50 countries.


With a great product, comes great rewards, and this includes awards for excellence. These include the EroFame 2017 Best Erotic Wearable, the ETO 2017 Best New Couples Product, the AVN Awards 2017 Outstanding Product For Women, and the AdultEx 2017 Best Couples Product, too name...just a few.


We-Vibe has 3 core ranges that all provide sensual intimacy and pleasure.

Sensations in Sync

This collection consists of the We-Vibe Sync, and the Tango. The Sync is designed as a couples vibrator that combines a powerful clitoral and G Spot stimulator to be used during sex. The other super cool feature is the ability to connect with the We Connect app, and play with your partner from anywhere in the world.

The Tango is a super powerful mini-vibe that is rechargeable and will last up to 2 ours and charges in 90 minutes. It has a smooth tapered tip for targeted focus. It's also hand for an all over massage.

Sensations Unite

This collection is all about adventure and consists of a hands free clit vibe, the Pivot vibe, and a high quality cock ring.

This is the ultimate collection for couples who just want to explore that little bit further.

The Solo Range

The solo range is just that, an amazing array of pleasure objects. The range include the Nova, Rave, Wish, Gala, Jive,  Bloom, Touch & Tango.
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