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An Introduction To LELO | The Iconic Adult Product Brand

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LELO Adult Products

The History Of Sex Toys

The Sex Toy Industry

LELO Sex Toy Company

Types Of Adult Toys

The Worlds Best Pleasure Products


One of the most popular brand names in the adult product industry is LELO, a company that originated in Sweden. Their offerings have opened up the conversation about sex toys in a whole new way, and customers love them for it. Although less than two decades old, they have expanded their product lines and inspired others in the industry to revamp their own perspectives on production.

LELO Adult Products

The company LELOi AB owns LELO and another brand, PicoBong. Formed in Sweden in 2002, they have dedicated themselves to approaching enhancement and pleasure products in a whole new way. A trio of men founded it, including engineer Filip Sedic and industrial designers Eric Kalen and Carl Magnuson. The limited liability company LELO was begun by the group the following year.

The History Of Sex Toys

Archaeologists trace the first sex toys back thousands of years, though the original ones certainly lacked the sophistication of modern equipment. Historical records from cultures around the world indicate the use of other objects to enhance sexual pleasure and achieve orgasm, with or without a partner.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, doctors helped to relieve hysteria from their female patients via masturbation. This was done from a clinical point of view that didn't acknowledge women's need for orgasm. In fact, one of the first electrical devices for home use was a vibrator. These were created to relieve doctor fatigue related to their previous methods.

LELO Sex Toy Company

From there, the industry grew and several types of sex aids were created over the following decades. However, the advancements were few, and often focused on what men wanted to see rather than what women wanted to feel.

Enter LELO. From the very beginning their products were found superior by those who used them. Word has spread quickly, with sales increasing every year.

When founded, the Stockholm-based business had less than a dozen employees all working in the same city. Since then, the company has spread their wings around the globe. In addition to their European offices, LELO has a presence in Australia, Asia and the United States.

More than 600 people work in these offices, helping people everywhere to enjoy these products. The adult products are available in dozens of countries at various price points, making quality sex toys accessible to far more people than a couple of decades in the past.

Their website offers a wide range of products, which can also be purchased through local adult product stores. Each of their items is designed based on the latest understandings of human anatomy and technology. By bringing these two together, the business has been able to create everything from vibrators to a revolutionary new condom using a honeycomb design structure.


Types Of Adult Toys

While the original sex toy offered by LELO was a modern vibrator that many found far more pleasurable than previous offerings, the line of sex toys has continued to grow. Today, the company has four different groups of products to ensure that everyone can easily find the perfect additions for their pleasure activities.

Women can peruse the FEMME collection to find products made for their pleasure, while the HOMME toys are designed for men to enjoy. Heterosexual and homosexual couples alike can find high-quality toys to improve their sex life while singles have the opportunity to experience greater levels of pleasure than previously achievable without a partner.

For those with a bit more cash to spend on their adult pleasure products, the Insignia catalog has a lot to offer. At the upper end of the scale, the LELO LUXE collection includes the priciest sex toys around the globe, ringing in at thousands of dollars a piece.

In addition to these lines, LELO has expanded into other avenues of the adult product industry. Those who are into BDSM will appreciate the restraints and other toys associated with their pleasure. Top of the line materials are crafted to standards of excellence for each piece in their accessory collection.

This line also includes various types of water-based lubricants that are safe for use with their products. Additionally, you can find safe sex toy cleansers that should be used on all sex toy products to ensure they are clean and safe for use another day. Rounding out this collection are massage oils and candles that can enhance virtually any pleasurable activities.

Most recently, the company has released the HEX condom, which is constructed of latex and lightly lubricated. The design allows for greater pleasure and protection for both parties, making it a perfect for everyone.

The Worlds Best Pleasure Products

The LELO company has made revolutionary changes in the world of sex toys and the expectations of consumers. Their short history is likely to grow as women and men from around the globe seek pleasure from high-quality products that cater to their needs. With an already incredible line of adult products and toys, LELO is a great company to learn more about!

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